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Erfahren Sie, wie Sie Smartsupp schnell und einfach auf Ihrer Website installieren.


  1. Smartsupp app
  2. Insert code manually

Smartsupp app

Smartsupp app is no longer available on Shopify app store

Smartsupp app is not available on Shopify app store since 1.3.2019 due to Shopify's decision that all app developers have to use their billing API. All apps that don't use Shopify billing were removed from their store. Reworking our billing system because of one e-commerce platform is not feasible for us at this point as this would mean extensive modification of Smartsupp as a whole. Only thing you can do is contact Shopify with feedback that you are missing Smartsupp on their store. We are sorry about this.

Insert code manually

You can insert code directly into Shopify theme.

Be careful, you can damage your site! Send this tutorial to your webmaster. This may not work for all of the themes.

Copy code

Your code is in Smartsupp - Settings - Chat box - Chat code.

Insert code

Online store > Actions > Edit code > header.liquid

Sind Sie noch verwirrt? Kontaktieren Sie uns über die Chat-Box in Ihrem Dashboard und wir werden uns gerne mit Ihnen in Verbindung setzen. Bitte beachten Sie, dass der Kundenservice nur in kostenpflichtigen Paketen enthalten ist.

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