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Profile Settings

Would you like to personalize your account or change email address? Are you an agent and you need to add your profile photo, so customers know who they are talking with?

Where to find Profile settings?

You can easily find Profile settings in your dashboard. 
Click on gear symbol on the left sidebar and then choose "Profile".

Another option is to click on your profile picture. When white table will show up you can choose "Profile". 

What options can I find in Profile settings? 

In Profile settings you can change your profile photo and name (1.). You can change email address (2.) for notifications and update your password (3). This feature lets you decide in which language (4.) you'll use dashboard as well as if you'll get news (6.) about Smartsupp. Let you visitors know you better by inserting your position in the company or you live motto (5.). 

How to change profile photo?

To change your profile photo simply click on it in your “Profile” and upload photo or picture from your computer. You can adjust the size by zooming in or zooming out. 

How to change my email address?

Type in frame your new email address and confirm it by clicking on “Save” button at the bottom of  the page. 

How to change my password?

In case you would like to change password, after you click on linked words “Change Password” you will have to insert current password and create a new one.  Don't forget to save it. 

How to change dashboard language?

Do you want to change language in your dashboard? Check the article below

How to change the language of the dashboard (interface, backend)? 

Still confused? Contact us via the chat box in your dashboard and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you. Please note that customer service is included only in paid packages.

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