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Conversations export

There are several ways how to export data from Smartsupp to your CRM, helpdesk, or another system.

1.Exporting conversations from history in PDF

You can easily export a particular conversation from the history in PDF, just by clicking on the Export to PDF(1) button.

2. Export data in XML

This feature is available only in the PRO package.
You can export the history of conversations in the XML format for any given time period. Just open the conversations in the Dashboard and click on the Resolved conversations tab. Then you can export the whole conversation history by clicking on the export button. Once the export is done, it will arrive to your email that you use to log in to the Dashboard.

It is also possible to export your conversations for any given period of time. Just click on the calendar icon and choose the time period for which you need to make the export. Once you choose the time period, click on the export button. Your export will be delivered to your email that you use to log in to the Dashboard as soon as it is ready.

3. Send conversation transcripts to your email

This feature is available only in the PRO package.
In case you have an email address associated with your CRM/helpdesk, we can set sending all newly finished chat conversations to that email address. This way you will have all chat communication including visitor info in your system. Simply send us the email address where you want to send all chat communication and we will set it up.

4. (More sophisticated way) API export

This feature is available only in the PRO package.
To export data in a format ready for further processing. In other words, we will export all raw data to your server. There you can process them using your script (e.g. filter out email addresses and work with them separately). You can then import the processed data to your system. This export requires some development work on your side. For a developer, it's a few hours of work. Just send this link to your developers:

Still confused? Contact us via the chat box in your dashboard and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you. Please note that customer service is included only in paid packages.

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