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Chatbot conversation

1. What is a chatbot conversation?


Chatbot conversation means the conversation was started, finished or joined by chatbot. In case that visitor contacts you via direct message without using the chatbot, the chatbot conversation doesn't occur.



2. How does chatbot conversation work?


    Visitor comes to the website and the chatbot is triggered.

    Visitor clicks on buttons of the chatbot to search for an answer to a question.

    After finding the answer, the visitor closes the chat box and leaves the website.

    You can see in your SmarHub this conversation as “Joined by chatbot” (1).

    In your chatbot statistics you will see this conversation as “Resolved by chatbot” (2).


 Please see the chatbot conversation example here: 


3. What is a normal (no chatbot) conversation?


    Visitor comes to the website and the chatbot is triggered.

    Visitor doesn't click on chatbot buttons and he tries to contact the agent via chatbox.

    Statistics show this as “Escalated to human” (3).




Please see the example of normal conversation here: 



4. Is there any limit to additional chatbot conversations?


Every month you have a limit of 100 conversations in Standard and 500 conversations in PRO. If you need more, you can upgrade it up to 500 conversations in Standard and up to 10 000 in PRO. The number of chatbot conversations left you can find in your dashboard here.




Note: Once you purchase the chatbot conversations in your billing section, the principle is the same as when buying the additional agents. The package of conversations is automatically renewed every month and if you would like to decrease it back, it is necessary to disable them in your billing section here.



Still confused? Contact us via the chat box in your dashboard and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you. Please note that customer service is included only in paid packages.