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AI Reply Assistant

Please note this feature is currently under BETA testing.


What can AI Reply Assistant help you with?

Wondering how can AI Reply Assistant make replies of your agents more polished in a shorter time? As a result, having a big customer satisfaction and a great overall chat support experience on both sides.

Where to find the AI Reply Assistant?

AI Reply Assistant is available directly in the text field while you are replying to the messages. After typing your message you just click on the magic wand to get the following options:

Info: AI Reply Assistant is available in all packages. The specific limitations are defined by your package. Please see our actual pricing here.


How to use the feature?

You can apply the following options of AI Reply Assistant to tweak your answers to the visitors:

  • Grammar check - grammar and typos are fixed
  • Make more friendly - tone of the message is more friendly
  • Make more professional - tone of the message is more professional
  • Expand message - text is extended to double if possible, the meaning of the message is always the same

Note: Usage limit is per account NOT per agent. All agents using the same shared limit.







Sei ancora confuso? Contattaci tramite la chat box nella tua dashboard e saremo felici di aiutarti. Si prega di notare che il servizio clienti è incluso solo nei pacchetti a pagamento.

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