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TOP 5 chatbot use-cases

Searching for inspiration to create your own chatbot? Is your goal to engage visitors with your chatbot and cover some specific scenarios? Explore our collection of templates! You'll find numerous examples, each illustrating a unique use-case for deploying your chatbot. Here's a quick look at some of the most effective ones:

Reduce cart abandonment

Some shoppers just need to ensure that their shopping decision is the right one. With the Reduce cart abandonment template you just give them a little final push that makes them stay and buy.

Tip: Your visitor has in his cart a new moka kettle but is still hesitant to pay for it. Try to offer them a 10% discount on this item. It will show your interest in the customers' decisions and this small gesture will make them come back to your store.

Show your TOP products

Are you struggling to show your TOP selling products and promote the new arrivals? We created a template called Drive sales with TOP products. It allows you to showcase all the products that customers shouldnt miss in your e-shop and it will simplify their browsing navigation and buying decision.

Tip: The visitor is browsing the website for 30 seconds, then a chatbot is triggered showing them the most selled running shoes for the last year. In addition to that he can check the new models for the next season.

Reward returning visitors

It is not easy to convert visitors into paying customers, many of them just browse around, hopping from one page to another, they even add items to their cart but then they just vanish.Our Convert returning visitors chatbot will effectively engage them with a discount. That leads to building the relationship between you and your customers. In addition to that they are also rewarded for their loyalty.

Tip: Imagine you have a coffee store and you would like to let your returning visitors know about the brand new coffee beans in your shelves.Give them a special promo code to it so they feel special and flattered.

Support your visitors on pricing page

Whether your visitor is just browsing or ready to make a decision, be ready to help him find the perfect plan that fits his needs and his budget. Let's explore together and find the ideal solution tailored just for you: The template Offer help on pricing page is ready to give you a helping hand in this matter. It will capture the visitors' attention directly and you ensure that your pricing is crystal clear to your customers.

Tip: You have a hairdresser studio and there is a price for long, short and mid-length cuts in your pricing plan. Chatbot can connect the visitor with an agent or visitor can leave the phone number so you can call him after and discuss it.

Pay special attention to the new visitors

Captivate the attention of your new visitors and let them feel warmly welcomed in your store. Use our template First order discount that helps you to build the relationship between you and your new visitors and make sure they'll come back. Just insert the promo code and they can enjoy their first purchase in your store.

Tip: You can give a promo code for delivery fees which motivates  the visitors to purchase more items in one parcel.

Those were some best practices on how the chatbot template store can actively and seamlessly engage your visitors without any effort from your side. Do not hesitate to try them out and you will find even more occasions for their usage for sure!

Still confused? Contact us via the chat box in your dashboard and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you. Please note that customer service is included only in paid packages.

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