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Level up your sales with routing between chatbots

Ever wished your chatbots could skyrocket your selling game? Brace yourself for the revelation of routing between chatbots, where the magic happens. Connect your chatbots together and design a shopping journey that dynamically adapts to meet the unique needs of each customer. Get ready for a seamless journey where upselling and cross-selling become a breeze, all thanks to this powerful feature. 💪

Upselling like cherry on the top

Let your shoppers discover the upgraded versions of your products with a charm! Set your chatbot to seamlessly switch the conversation to another bot in order to promote more advanced products from your store. This allows you to cleverly introduce premium products your customers might be interested in, making the discovery process engaging and informative. Your conversion rate will be unstoppable!

Tip: Customer is interested in a pair of classic sneakers, he interacts with a chatbot who hands over the one showcasing the waterproof sneakers from vegan leather for just 20 EUR more. So no rain will surprise your customer on their journey all around the world!

Cross-Selling Mastery with Chatbots

Looking for a simple yet potent strategy to showcase the extra flair of your products?
You know the scenario, the shopper is about to buy a basic item in your store but you would like to upgrade his cart with some nice supplements that will help him to enjoy the original product even more. Thanks to it the customer appreciates the added value of the purchase and he becomes your regular. Routing between chatbots is ready to help also in this case.

Tip: You are the owner of a car dealership's website and your customer shows interest in a new sedan, the chatbot engages in a brief conversation. Then, it naturally suggests transfer to another bot that offers add-ons and service options for a newly purchased car such as extended warranty.

Upselling and cross-selling play a major role in the conversion process. We tended to show you the efficient and easy ways to achieve these sales strategies, as if by waving a magic wand. Remember, chatbots are always there for you with their superpowers.



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